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Casual dating test Wolfsburg
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“I am worried about the future, because the situation is changing every hour – we fear for our jobs.” One of his colleagues, who said he had been working in the same department for six years, said that he doubted very much that Volkswagen’s CEO, until 23 September, Martin Winterkorn – a boss renowned for carrying out spot inspections on VW car paint finish with a cigarette lighter and needles – was oblivious to the goings on. I cannot see him hanging on to his job much longer,” he insisted.

Before he had resigned, others noted Mr Winterkorn’s tenure was due to be approved by shareholders tomorrow, speculating as to whether the scandal could even lead to a come back by the CEO’s rival, the veteran VW board member Ferdinand Piech.

On 23 September, the blue uniformed VW guards that patrol every works entrance to the plant were proof that Wolfsburg is run like a virtual car state within a state. But others coming of shift were clearly too angered by the company’s deliberate manipulation of emissions data on 11 million VW diesel vehicles worldwide, to follow the company line.

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The company has also invested heavily in the local Bundesliga team, sport facilities, schools and kindergartens.

After imposing an immediate budget freeze, the mayor, Klaus Mohrs, did his best this week to spread optimism.

“Two million jobs depend directly or indirectly on VW in Germany, ” he says.

“No one will let that die.” City traders in Wolfsburg have already pulled together, taking out full-page advertisements in support of the company.

From the ruins of war came seven decades of motoring history.