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Manderbach lies on a sunny plateau 3 km north of the main town of Dillenburg.

Nanzenbach lies approximately 6 km north of the main town of Dillenburg.

Donsbach lies approximately 4 km southwest of the Dillenburg main town. The village, whose livelihood was once based on mining, lies among the other constituent communities of Nanzenbach, Oberscheld and Niederscheld.

Its healing spring, whose water is heavy with iron, makes the village a favourite among locals. With roughly 3,900 inhabitants, Frohnhausen is the largest of the constituent communities after the main town of Dillenburg.

In the Seven Years' War, the stately home was destroyed (1760), and Wilhelmstraße (a street) was built out of the remains.

In 1797, one of the earliest schools of forestry in Europe, founded a decade earlier at Hungen by Georg Ludwig Hartig, was moved to Dillenburg.

The town was formerly the seat of the old Dillkreis district, which is now part of the Lahn-Dill-Kreis.