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These landforms form in the coastal-fluvial interface where riverine sediment supplied to the coastline is not removed by marine processes.

The paper should therefore provide an introduction to the main principles and applications of the CHW system, and interested readers are referred to the related papers for a more detailed description of the theoretical basis, practical application, uncertainties and limitations (Rosendahl Appelquist The coastal classification system constitutes the foundation for the CHW methodology.

It is developed particularly for decision-support but includes many components of previously published coastal classification systems.

The components included are geological layout, wave exposure, tidal range, flora/fauna, sediment balance and storm climate, and each generic coastal environment has a specific combination of these variables.

As the bio-geophysical variables can change significantly over short spatial distances, a generic coastal environment will according to the classification system theoretically apply to a particular spot along a coastline.

The geological layout constitutes the basis on which the dynamic processes act.