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If you have been admitted to study here, you must apply for a national student visa, which will usually be issued for a period of three months.

Within that time period, and after you have registered at the University of Bonn, you must apply for a residence permit at the Since the documents required for visa applications can vary by country, please contact the German Consulate in your home country in a timely manner:

Please find detailed information in the following link:

You need to provide a DSH (German Language Proficiency Test) exam or Test DAF with grade 4 in all parts. If you have already achieved German proficiency at intermediate level (from B1), you could also join the International Office´s .

These classes are free of charge and take place for one semester within the lecture period.

The courses lead to an international degree (Bachelor's, Master's or Ph D degree).

They are partially or fully taught in English and offer special counselling and support for international students.

For more detailed information, please contact [email protected] Our website provides you with all the necessary information on all German classes: www3.uni-bonn.de/studium/studium-in -bonn-fuer-internationale-studierende/deutsch-lernen by this platform, you can contact a German native speaker and agree to converse in German and your mother tongue.