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Single bloom geranium
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These evergreen shrubs form dense mounds to about thigh high, and most simply need good drainage to thrive.They will all grow in semi-shaded spots - the peppermint variety is the most shade-tolerant - although they flower better if given more sun.If you want to have thriving, healthy plants, there are a few things to consider. At the Nursery When you're buying geraniums, choose well-branched, compact plants that have fresh green leaves, healthy roots and plenty of new flower buds.

Plant them near a path or entertaining area, where you will be constantly drawn to running your hands over them to release their beautiful scent.

Another good place to plant them is beside the washing line, where your sheets can brush the leaves. They can be used to make herbal teas, or infused to flavour vinegar, syrups, sauces and jellies.

Perfect as pot plants, they also look fabulous in a cottage or perennial garden, and the sprawling kinds will clamber up trellis or trail beautifully down a slope.

Geraniums interbreed freely with each other, which has resulted in endless crosses and hybrids.

Gardening Australia Magazine, March 2013 With so many exciting varieties, some with scented leaves, the humble geranium is earning new admirers.


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